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View Poll Results: What kind of a weapon switch system should I implement?
Ability to switch between all weapons 15 44.12%
Can only have two weapons at a time (must go to a certain place for more options) 19 55.88%
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New (Well, now it's been here a while) FPS
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Lightbulb New (Well, now it's been here a while) FPS - 07-23-2010, 05:46 PM

I am no longer working on this game. Instead, I am currently occupied with a Halo game that is in development. The plan is to not release the Halo game until I am finished with it, so expect nothing from me for a while. =)


Also, what you see in in the early parts of this thread may not apply later, so always check the last few posts for updates of what's going on.

EDIT: I'm deleting many of the previous game versions to save on space.

I'm currently working on an FPS that uses a different (unorthodox) control scheme. I'll probably post it (a work-in-progress version) within the next week. Check back for updates.

Anyway, here's some features:
Instead of using mouse control, this FPS uses a 'double keyboard' scheme. Basically: ESDF to strafe and IJKL to 'look.' Might be a little unusual at first, but you get the hang of it quickly (at least, you should).
SPACE to shoot, A to aim, W and R to switch between primary and secondary weapon, and T for manual reload (you also reload if your ammo turns to 0).

No real story or mission yet, but I'm working on it.

So far, 4 weapons.
M4, AK47, UMP 45, and Desert Eagle.
I might add an MP5, Benelli M4 shotgun, and possibly a minigun, if I don't tire of this project (or have the time)
The different weapons do different damage, and damage also varies with distance from the target.

You have allies, but they don't do anything right now (just have them in cool poses).

Right now, I only have one enemy, but it's a work in progress.The enemy can detect you if you're in front of you and within a certain distance, and also turns around if you shoot him from behind. He's armed with an AK47 (but shoots slowly), and can also inflict damage on you. The edges of the screen turn red whenever you're shot, but I don't have anything happen when you die though(for now). However, when you kill your enemy, he falls over dead.

Unlimited ammo, but you have a set number of ammunition in each magazine or clip, so you periodically have to reload.

You can only carry two weapons at a time (default is M4 and Desert Eagle), but if close enough to a pile of crates (they're in the barn), if you press 'g' you can switch out your primary and secondary weapons.

Sorry for not attaching the world, I might want to spruce up a few things before I start posting updates.

Meanwhile, here's some photos (kind of hard for me to get good moments, but hope you like)(another note:'circles' rear reticle are actually cones, representing bullets; cylinders coming from the side of the gun are ejected cartridges):
Pictures (from top to bottom):
1. Reload sequence for the AK
2. Ownage with the UMP (my fav gun). Note that I would not have normally been hit, it was hard to take the right screenshot
3. Firing the Desert Eagle
4. A kill with the AK
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