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Dragon and Knight Faceoff
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Cool Dragon and Knight Faceoff - 12-07-2011, 07:18 PM

The Beginning of my game. It will eventually be a Knight fighting ogres, dragons and such. Right now all I have finished is the movements for the knight:

W- Walk Forward
S- Walk Backward
A- Turn Left
D- Turn Right
Space- Jump
J- Sword slash down
K- Block
L- Sword slash right to left
E- Action

In the one that is not a demo I just put out a dragon for target practice. Try killing him. If you can you will have done better than me.

Like I said this is just the begining of my game. It will take a while to complete and this is only the first hour of it. Please give me any comment that you have and I will make the appropriate changes.


The demo is a fun little game where there are no bad guys. All you have to do is find a key that is hidden around the castle, pick it up and enter the castle. If you cannot find the key then you can go to the door where there will be a map that has a pointer where the key is.
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