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Default 10-17-2009, 10:04 AM

I really liked the first game, but as I loaded the second game, there were a few major things.

First of all, the other guns are really cool, but the fifth gun is just WAY too over powerful. You can just hold it down and spray, killing everything as you turn to face it. Also, I noticed a bug when I did this. If you spray the gun and just kill everything, then eventually no more zombies will respawn. I would suggest either taking out the laser gun, or at least making it shoot for 1 second, and then it has to cool down for 1.5 or 2 seconds before it can shoot again, and this could be easily fixed by just adding the wait command into shooting the laser gun.

The other bug I noticed is that as the zombies respawn all at once, it lags like crazy, and there is a big delay for a second or two, but I don't see how you could fix this one, but maybe making each zombie respawn a little later than the other, so that they do not all respawn at once and lag the program.

Other than that, nice improvements in the camera angles and guns! Another suggestion that I might want to see in a later version is to add a laser sight onto the silenced MP5, the second gun after pistol. That would be really cool.

EDIT: Oh, and another thing I noticed is that when you lose, and the zombies win, kicking you over the field goal, it is very laggy. Also, the as the zombies win, if you wait a while you notice that the zombies are moving across the map near the field goal! Maybe you can make it so that if zombies win, all zombies opacity = 0%, so that you cannot see them as they walk near the field goal.

Also, I would take away the move camera left and right when you move arrow keys thing, because it is really not necessary, as zombies only come from 1 side.

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