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Default Resident Penguin - 10-12-2009, 10:07 PM

This one took a lot of work. I wanted to make a world with one of the models I imported into Alice, so I decided to use one of the imported guns to make "Resident Penguin" (oooooh)!

There's no instructions, so read this before you play:

You're a penguin with a gun, infinite ammo, something to prove, and nothing to lose, so you decide to rid the world of zombies.

Hold 'a' to turn left and 'd' to turn right. Click the mouse button to fire at a zombie (you can hold the mouse button too, but it's slower). The penguin automatically aims at zombies which he's directly looking at (they turn red to show they're targeted).

Have fun with it!

ResidentPenguin1: The first version. Small and simple, yet addicting and fun. Use this if you have a slow machine.
ResidentPenguin2: An experiment to add to RP1. Has more weapons and different camera angles, but unchanged gameplay and SERIOUS lag. Look at this to see what NOT to do when making a game.
ResidentPenguin3.1: The polished result of a weeks worth of work. I'm very proud of it. Has just about everything you can think of
ResidentPenguin3.5: 3.1, but with more levels, an option to play forever, better special effects, and a new enemy.

NEWRP Trophies

3.5, but with trophies and grenades. Good stuff.
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