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Classroom Management Software and Alice
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Lightbulb Classroom Management Software and Alice - 11-18-2008, 11:18 AM

I would encourage the Alice development team to locate schools that are utilzing different computer lab management strategies/software. My biggest issue with Alice 2.0 is that it is very unfriendly to my computer lab management software in my high school classroom.

I have used Smart Technologies SynchronEyes ( software to broadcast presentations to my lab computers, as well as manage Internet access, send out files and share screens. The software will sometimes cause Alice to cause a critical error. Sometimes the students can save their work and restart Alice. Sometimes they lose what they have not saved.

I am testing Vision Classroom Managemenet software currently (, and I am having many issues with Alice. Alice will close abruptly on student stations, causing them to lose all work. This happens when I broadcast my screen to students, as well when I disconnect the Vision software from their pc's.

I'm hoping that your beta testing environments will include sites that are utilizing computer lab management strategies from different manufacturers for compatibility testing.

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