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Originally Posted by TauTrumpsPi View Post
Ok, a few more questions

1. What is the bush, and why is it necessary?
2. What is the orientation of the cone? Is it just oriented to the ground then turned 90degrees forward, and then the camera oriented to the ground.
3. And what about the Torus? How is that set up?
It's been a long time since I made the world, but I'll try to remember...

1. The bush is there so that the camera doesn't end up tilting. Basically, when you turn from side to side, it's the bush turning (not the camera), and the camera is vehicled to the bush. When you turn forwards and backwards, it's the camera turning.

If you attempted to use only the camera, turning from side to side and forwards/backwards at the same time would cause the camera to tilt (basically, what the roll command would do). To prevent that, I use the bush. The bush is kinda outdated; nowadays I use a dummy object.

Sorry if that was confusing. In summary, having the same object turn on two axes will end up slanting it on a third, diagonal axis.

2. The cone is just oriented to the camera, I believe.

3. The torus is just in the center of the screen, like a crosshair/reticle in FPS games.

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