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Default 04-26-2013, 08:12 PM

Originally Posted by arty-fishL View Post
The bug fixes all seem good, but in the feature modifications:

  • Replaced function "int(a) as String" with "int(a)".
Why? All this seems to have done for the end user is break backwards compatibility in some cases.
It doesn't seem to break backwards compatibility. My older code with "int a as a string" loads fine. Seems to be the same function with a new name, because now my code reads "int [variablename] as a string" instead of "int [variablename] as a string as a string" like it did before. The 2nd "as a string" was redundant. Looks better now.

However, I have noticed some 3D text objects get larger when loaded into 2.33, and if I resize them, then they are smaller when I go back to an older version (my school still uses 2.0). Mildly annoying, but not fatal.

Originally Posted by arty-fishL View Post
  • Removed Take Picture feature.
  • Removed Screen Capture tab from Preferences menu.
Again, why? This feature worked fine as far as I could tell and was quite useful, has it been replaced and I'm just missing it somehow?
Yea, I'd like to know about this as well. CTRL-G doesn't work, but then again, it didn't work in the previous version either. Why was the button (and screenshot functionality) removed?
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