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First off, I am very impressed with the overall visuals/style/environment of the game. That was truly awesome. I was just working on a project in front of my wife yesterday and she was like "Alice graphics are crap." I've thought the same thing up until I played your game and was awestruck with your visual style. Very well done. I'm giving you a 5/5 for the beautiful atmosphere and presentation of the game.

BUT there are a few issues I ran into:

1 - I'm having trouble understanding exactly when this happens but when you are on close to, or on the bridge and jump you sometimes get permanently stuck in the air.

2 - When jumping and attacking the bird, after the ball resets to the beginning, the ball sometimes gets stuck below the screen.

3 - Just a recommendation: Your world is so beautiful that I want to see more of it! So instead of having the camera trail behind the ball, have it stay slightly ahead of the ball. This way we will be able to see where we are going and will be able to focus on all of the beautiful scenery better. As it is right now, if a new person were to play the first level they will mostly be concentrating on only the right 10% of the screen because they will want to see where they are going in case they are going to need to jump over something or will need to attack something.

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lol, thanks Chris. Glad you liked it.
Hmm... Let me check it out and see if I can fix that error. Thanks for telling me about it, I never saw that before.
I doubt there is much you can do. From what I understand, if you hit any button (x) times in Alice, then alice will attempt to perform the action of the button (x) number of times. And alice will try to run all of your methods/button presses at once. So I'm assuming is that error screen that chris got is simply Alice not being able to understand how to corrdinate all of the button presses at the same time.

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