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Default Thank You - 09-18-2008, 02:45 PM

Thank you very much! My method works perfectly now! I didn't even think about the scope of the variable. I still have much to learn. Ive only been working with Alice for a month or so and I only have a self taught knowledge of C++ programming language Mostly using C++ for dummies xD. Thanks for the help I will remember that even Alice has scope.

Also about your second note. I only put the reset pose in because I observed that sometimes when you stopped moving (pressing aswd) that the arms or legs would be in weird positions, like the method was aborted halfway through, even though it should have gone right back to the beginning "pose". I added a reset at the end as a quick fix for that problem, just so the arms and legs were always at the "starting" position.

I have not had a chance to look at your multiple collision example yet, but that will be my next course of action, right after I post.

Thanks again! You have been a great help! If anyone else has any comments, tips, or corrections about my world feel free to post them. ^.^
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