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Arrow Variable & Collision Help - 09-17-2008, 09:01 PM

Alice 2.0
Some C++ Self taught experience
Learned Alice by fiddling with this world and C++ knowledge.

I created a method "World.Stance" that will [move a characters hand to their waist, set a weapon to vehicle the hand, and then set a second pose to hold the weapon out in front of them, and set a variable to false.] If I press the bound key to preform this action again [z] it is set to reverse the previous actions. I do all this in an "IF" statement that uses the variable as the identifier of the position its currently in. The variable is set to true to begin with and as stated earlier is set to false in the "True" part. But when I run the world the variable never changes. I have even "watch variabled" it and it never changes.

Also I stated a problem in "collition detection perfection" by rich0e0rick that I will say again here.

I understand the concept of what your talking about, I had used "proximity to" instead of "in front of", but my real question/problem is.... Can you set up your statement up as "if [object] is in front of[list/array of objects]". So that a character cannot move through multiple objects. Earlier when I tried this it made me choose an object from the list/array instead of all objects in the list/array. I was wondering if Alice allows you to do this.

Any and all help/comments will be appreciated.
I will attach my world. Look through the event manager to learn the controls of the world, I think its pretty self explanatory. You can also delete the "View Setup" method from the first "When world starts event" It will take out all of my unneeded animations and camera start positions.

Thanks for helping!
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