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What to expect
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Default What to expect - 06-08-2011, 09:42 PM

I, after receiving a request from my friend for a sniper rifle—specifically the AWP—(Which we already have, so whatever,) started modelling a new gun that is relatively unknown.
This is the AX Series AX 338, made by Accuracy International (Same guys as the AW) deriving its name from the .338 Lapua Magnum cartridge.
Here is an example image:

Sorry for the size, I have a 1400x900 res. monitor

As you can see, I have about half done. I'm quite proud with the butt spike on the left side. This will be a hi-res model, but nothing anyone with a recent-ish computer of 2008 couldn't handle. Though it certainly wouldn't be Shit School Computer compatible. I estimate by the end of the model it would have nearly 20,000 polys, making this the most accurate gun model on Alice. Right now it has around 13,000 polys. So I ask you now: You want any special color schemes? Officially this gun comes in Black, Green (Like tall, dark grass,) and Dark Earth (Slightly beige.)

If this model—and my e-mail to AI—goes exceptionally well, I would make a Render version (40-80,000+ polys) and sell it for a sum.
Of course this Alice version, at least, is going to be free.

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