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Adding Objects to Local Gallery
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Default Adding Objects to Local Gallery - 12-17-2010, 03:44 PM

If you find custom alice objects that are not already in the Local or Web Galleries, then you have two options depending on what format the objects you are wanting to add are in. If the objects are .a2c, then you can copy the .a2c files into the directory ...Alice [Version]/Required/gallery/[Desired Category Folder]. In the galleries folder, you can create new folders which apply to your custom objects. (For example, you could make a weapons folder) These objects will be in the Local Gallery next time you open Alice, and, more convenient, they will be there until you decide to delete them. However, if the objects format is based on ASCII, then you will need to import each object individually by going to File, then clicking Import... in Alice. [At this time I don't think you can add ASCII based objects to the Local Gallery, but I may be wrong.] I hope this helped. Good Luck!
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