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I'm making a program that involves a menu.

When your done with the menu, you are sent to the first level of the game.

I made the first level in a different Alice file,

is there a way I can load this file after/or when I click something in my menu world?

Or simply put,

can I load another world in Alice without closing the world and reopening another copy of alice and then running the other world?

Thanks for your help!

You can NOT open files within Alice. Several people have wanted to create seperate worlds in an Alice program and then integrate them into one world, but you can not do this.

What you can do is create several worlds within 1 Alice file ! View the attached Alice file and then see if you can follow the code to see how he did it. (Unless you have sufficient Ram the program may skip somewhat due to it's size and especially due to the sound files included within the program.)

I suggest not viewing the program in full screen mode - this saves memory.

Good luck with your program,
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