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Originally Posted by jediaction View Post
Haha, this is just like mine.....

What you did is add the link to the game. I should have done that in the first place. I'm doing it now. Thanks for the inspiration. Can you please review Hero's Remastered? Also, disable the signature in the main post. It looks better that way.

I'm having trouble optimizing my thread becasue the text limit is 10,000 and after having all the games I reviewd, It can't take any more text. I'm just giving you a heads up for the future.
Yes, I used your idea.

Disable signature you say, hmmm, didn't notice that was possible, good idea. My signature looks cool though (if you use the right browser), so I'm only going to disable it for long posts.

Not just a link to the game, it goes:
Link to game Link to author Link to review

10000 characters is enough by miles, I tested it by copypasting this line:
Split Screen Wars Jediaction 8.1 BRILLIANT
100 times and did not even exceed 5600 characters (minus BB code, which I think isn't included in the count anyway).


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