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Flight Simulator with Acceleration and Stalling
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Default Flight Simulator with Acceleration and Stalling - 06-23-2012, 11:57 PM

This is the first version in what will probably be a failed project. This is my first time uploading a world. It is also my first time making anything that might be worth sharing.
Instructions are in comments on My First Method. I used Slow and Steady Alice while testing and making this. If you have any problems on regular Alice, try using that.
I am eager to know what the community thinks about this world, whether it is good or bad.

EDIT: Version 2.0 is here! Look beneath the links to see what's new. Of course, I realize this little world is far from perfect. That is why I would greatly appreciate any input from the community.

Omega Planes V 2.0.a2w

Planes Omega.a2w

Version 2.0:
  • New Camera System that helps the user have an idea of the orientation while giving the feeling that the plane is turning/rolling (I hope). Thanks for the idea for an orientation system, x2495iiii!
  • Speedometer and Altimeter
  • Stalling Special Effect
  • Collision with the ground. Thank you for the idea, GameKid!

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