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Working Calculator! --- Dameria
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Default Working Calculator! --- Dameria - 12-10-2009, 08:08 PM

I know this is very recent to my last world I just created, tic-tac-toe 2.0, but I just had an idea recently while in school: "What if I could actually create a calculator with Alice in which things could be equated in like a real calculator?"

I began thinking about it, and I started to put the ideas together and it all started to make sense, and suddenly I couldn't wait to work on it. Well here I am about 4 hours later after starting on it, and I have gotten a considerable amount done already. So far, the number buttons work and you can click on each one, 0-9 and they will add up like in a real calculator (can only go up to 9,999,999).

And although that part was hard enough, before giving up for the day I also went ahead and added a few methods to make addition work accurately! Also the Clear button works normally, so instead of restarting the program to get a clean 0, just press the big C button.

Download my first version of it, Calculator 1.1, and tell me what you think. The only problem is that sometimes when you add things together, the text will go out of place (you can avoid this by putting in smaller numbers first, and then add a larger number). Again I repeat, do not try to get a number over 9,999,999 or bad things will happen...

Hope you like it, please feel free to comment or give advise for my next version where I will add more things to do. I like it when people leave comments on my posts. Thanks.

P.S. Its only 340 KB!! From now on I am going to try to make all of my worlds as basic as they need to be while still allowing all of the functionality that I want it to have, so that I can save as much file size as possible. This will teach me to be wary of the things I do, so I can keep my file size very low, therefore lag-free if I ever decide to make big projects and games.
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