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Unhappy 05-04-2010, 11:10 PM

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You need to put the "If fish is within..." statements in a big do together, then put that in an infinity loop. Where they are now, they're only called once, so if the fish isn't that close when they're called that one time, the scene continues thinking everything's alright.

Very common mistake, everyone makes it at some point (I still do occasionally).
It must have not come out in the picture well but they are in a big "do together" and that is in an infinite loop.
I know you've helped a lot as it is but would you mind seeing what went wrong?
I've unhid the boxes.
Two methods are under "goldfish"

I ended up turning in this simple project for my final. A few animals that had buttons near them. They performed different actions depending on what you clicked (buttons/animals/nearby objects)
The teacher is very easily impressed so I think I got an A
I still want to finish this though, so any help is appreciated.
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