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There's an ocean floor object which you could shrink and put inside a semi-transparent cyan cube or box to simulate a fish tank.

You could use the random function coupled with the sine mathematical function to create wavy, but slightly erratic motions of the fishes, along with semi-transparent spheres which would be invisible at first and vehicled to the fishes, then would become visible, rise, then orient themselves back to the fishes and become invisible again in zero seconds at random intervals to simulate bubbles.

Do you know how to do all this?

I know how to add the bubbles and vehicle them to the fish. I've done something similar before. Thanks for that idea.
I had no idea there was anything like the "ocean floor" as a model (thats what I get for only ever using "search"). I had just been using a combination of squares (with their opacity lowered and color changed to dark blue) as the walls of the tank.

Can you give me a little more information on the sine random function and sine mathematic?
Thanks in advance
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