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Originally Posted by jkidd View Post
Hey guys,

I have been working on having a character that asks the user for a number, which then causes the character to jump up, while using a loop to spin around the number of times specified, and then comes back down.

Once the Alice program has executed, the user is asked if they want it to run again. If they input "yes", it runs again. I am to use a loop to do this, so that it will run continually as long as the user keeps entering "yes" at the end.

Here is a screen shot of my method in Alice:

This is my dilemma... Once I click "yes", it goes back to the character originally asking the user as to how many times that he should spin. Instead of repeating how ever many spins that I told the character to do.

What am I missing? Any advice would be great.


- jkidd
First please stop posting the same thing to multiple threads. Second you need to look at you code and think through what it is doing.

In the code you give the user is never asked how many times to spin, unless it is in sheriff.spin which is not shown. Also the loop you have is an infinite loop, this means the loop will never end once it is started. I would like to see the whole movie before giving any help please post the movie itself rather than just the code.

Again I would urge you to work through you code and figure out what is going on as just getting the answers from this group will not teach you anything.


Mark Henwood
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