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Default 04-08-2010, 02:00 PM

Hi, everyone! How's it going? Just as a little news bulletin, the game is progressing nicely, and we just made some updates to the engine that help the game to run MUCH faster. As you all know, we've been doing some pretty sneaky stuff with our posts on this game. Well, here's the deal. You'll have to read in between the lines a bit, but we've|said the order regarding messages,|as stated by our company, A-TOM Studios. We don't like to give away any details directly, but if you look through this message, I'm sure that you'll find out some stuff. I know that as you read this message, sliding your mouse along with you, you'll be so angry that you hold that mouse button down hard, but we take no responsibility for any outcomes caused by this message. Sorry.

Try to catch us! We are As strong as an ATOM BOMB, brushing over the plains!

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