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Originally Posted by Kimura View Post
Well I figured it out because I would not let myself give up, it was driving me nuts I couldn't sleep! I made a while something is true event, and made it so when the astronaut was in front of something, a certain method would take place, which was Alice handing the astronaut a prize.

There were still some things I wanted to do but I couldn't end up finding a way to do, and a few glitches that could take place if one does not follow the instructions thoroughly during the game, but hey, every game has glitches, right? Just letting you guys know that I am done with that exercise and I realized tonight that there is more than one way to do something. After I stopped trying to fix one thing that didn't work over and over again, and tried something new and different, the majority of the time, that is how I found success. Attached is my finished product.

Glad to see you got things sorted! (:
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