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Default 10-07-2012, 04:13 AM

Quiet, mostly.

Arty did some amazing mods to Alice, but since no one's made anything with them recently, he's wandered off.

We has a tidal wave of spam at one point. It was kinda funny, until it got to the point when there were about 20 spam posts for every 1 legitimate one.

Had a few propositions for new projects, community efforts, and a few contests, but I haven't used Alice for anything but to help struggling students in quite some time.

Last thing I made was a concept for RP4. First person, dual-wielding, with clonable enemies and subpart-based bullet collision. It was neat. And only one guy played it.

How've you been? Saw your halo machinima, which was cool, and you made one of youtube's top ten kills for the month, which was very cool.

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