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Default Proximity - 03-26-2012, 11:53 PM


I am trying to get the Alice Liddell object to turn 1/4 revolution when the camera is withing 1 meter of her. I've tried:
If Alice Lidell is within 1 meter of Camera
AliceLiddell turn Right.25 Revolutions
I use the mouse to control the camera

When I advance toward Alice I go right through her and nothing happens.

AliceLiddell is at least 1 meter away from Camera
It seems like the instruction skips entirely and Alice will make the turn regardless of how far she is from the camera.

The goal is to have the user walk through the Amusement park using the mouse. When the user comes upon a ride or hotdog cart the a method will run and objects will interact.

Can this even be done?

Thank you in advance.
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