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Originally Posted by TauTrumpsPi View Post
Again, post the error message that pops up when you try to put it into the world.

Also, as a side note, you don't need a converter for audacity, you just need to go to file>export as wav/mp3.
you need the LAME to be able to run(or convert) in audacity if I remember right, because I had to install that aswell, and as for your problem, it might be the Alice you are using, for some users it works, others it does not, try re downloading alice if it gets to that point, but try using .wav formats most since that seems to be the best for alice since it is least compress allowing it to be used easier for alice, and lastly, it might be how you are adding the sound into your world causing the error, so like Tau said, paste the error you are getting into the thread so we can see whats going on

If you are stuck on a project, check out the tutorials I made here at this link:

There are lots of tutorials on it so far, including some youtube videos, check it out


Go to my youtube channel to check out my alice 2.2 tutorials I have there..
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