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Originally Posted by arty-fishL View Post
Do you want my PC specs, or you're suggesting they aren't good enough? The specs are on both of the links. They should be more than sufficient as they exceed the minimum and some of the recommended requirements set by DICE. The devs shouldn't be making a game that doesn't run at their suggested specs.

It doesn't "hang for a bit", it plays flawlessly for a little while and then completely fails. I wish it would just hang for a bit, then I could still play it.

Good idea, add my on battlelog. My PS3 soldier is a sensible level, but my PC soldier is level 1, because I can't play a full game.
I have
CPU: intel Core Duo @ 3.6Ghz
GPU: ATi HD 4850 1 gb
RAM: 4 gigs ram
OS: win 7 x64 ultimate
PSU: 400 watt

My BF3 will crash to desktop sometimes and take soooooo loongg to recover, so i just restart my pc because its quicker.

in the game requirements it says you need a GFX with the performance of a HD 3870 or higher, my card has a higher performance than the 3870. Your card has a lower performance than the 4850,

try force bf3 to run in DX10? maybe. but idk just trying to help a bit =)
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