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Originally Posted by jediaction View Post
Sky warrior was not an FPS.
I never said that. FPS games are hard in Alice, you need to realize the software you using, and bend your game to fit the software. Or else the game doesn't turn out properly. And this is a perfect example.

Alice doesn't support the correct mouse looking and space required for an FPS, which means you can't have an FPS game made in it properly unless you find out a way to remove the lag, you didn't find a way so the games score suffered.

Sky Warrior on the other hand, was playable, and plenty of content to experience (AKA Replay Value) thanks to it's difficulty and difficulty customization, and it had a tight manageable control scheme.

So if you expect me to be all sympathetic and less "harsh" because it was a FPS game and FPS games are hard to make in Alice, than you're wrong. I wouldn't do that.

Even if the game gets better I still won't change my reviewing system. I review games. The game sucks, the game gets a bad score. If it's good and fun, it gets a good score.
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