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Need all the help I can get with this:
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Post Need all the help I can get with this: - 03-29-2012, 09:44 AM

Create a game where the gorillaRobot wants to play with the other objects in the world. There must be at least 2 animals, 2 rolling objects (like a ball or tire) and 2 stationary objects (like a house).
Your gorillaRobot and your animals should have a realistic movement method. This method should include a parameter that makes sure the movement of the subparts (ie legs, arms, etc) occur the correct number of times in relation to the total distance.

The rules of the game are as follows:
When an object is clicked on, the gorillaRobot walks over to the object to interact with it.
If an object is stationary (ie, not an animal or one of the rolling objects), the gorillaRobot should check to see if the object is bigger or smaller than the gorillaRobot. If the object is bigger, the gorillaRobot turns and moves several meters away. If the object is smaller, the gorillaRobot turns to the camera and says “I’m bigger!”
If an object is a round object, the gorillaRobot should push it and it should roll several meters away.
If the object is an animal, whichever animal is smaller turns and moves several meters away.

-There should be one event that handles all the objects that can be clicked on.
-Methods must be appropriately class or world level.
-Your program must include at least one if/else or conditional statement and at least one event.
-You must include comments in your program for full credit.
-Your file should be labeled “your name assignment 7.a2w��
Submit your program through the link below.
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