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Default 12-18-2008, 01:48 PM

Well, V4 is done right now and I still have a lot to add (maybe). So here is a list of changes that I made. (special thanks to x2495iiii for helping me with the whole reloading thing)

1. Fixed a “Teleporting” problem with re-leveling camera when sniping
2. Added all sniper sounds
3. Added burst fire sounds
4. Synchronized the burst fire timing, and sound timing to play at the same time
5. Added a targeting reticule to the sniper scope
6. Made it so that you cannot shoot when going into snipe mode and coming out of it if you do not shoot (During zooming and un-zooming animation)
7. Fixed a minor “Side walking glitch” (The character was running into the smoke from the gun and moving to the right when walking in sniper mode)
8. Made it so that after you shoot, you cannot get out of sniper mode until your camera goes back level again.
9. Added notes to the game to give basic info and tell you how to play (It is in the main code box)
10. Added a reload feature to the game. You have 5 shots before you have to reload (will add permanent animations later)
11. Made it so that you cannot shoot the burst shot or zoom in with the sniper while reloading.
12. Made it so that you cannot reload while shooting the burst shot.

Please leave feedback... positive or negative, I dont care, just leave something that I can possibly make changes off of.

NOTE: Download the latest version in the first post

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