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That is a good idea. Ill add that in v4 of the program. Basically what I am doing is that I am getting the gameplay of the game down pat before I go into making the story and everything. I want to get rid of any glitches and want to show what the gameplay is going to be like. Also, if I'm stuck, you will have my up to date world right in front of you. It is basically a beta so that I can iron out the flaws. I will add all that information when I upload the fourth version on here soon. I just wanted some kind of feedback. If people found any glitches or if anyone had any thoughts on what I could add. Anyway, thanks for the heads up.

Oh and about adding notes to the code... it is really hard to try and explain the coding because I have put a lot of complicated stuff in there that is hard to explain in typing. There are a bunch of boxes underground that tell the program what to do. I tell the bounding box to come on and off for certain ones when I want something to happen. For example, I told the program that (Just making up something) when SPACE is pressed if box1 bounding box is showing do a burst shot, and if not, do a sniper shot. Well when you hold the sniper button, the bounding box of box1 becomes visible. That is why when you hold the F key, down, you snipe instead of shoot a burst. What kind of feedback I was really looking for was something like ideas, or anything that you liked or didn't like, or think that I should change. Stuff like that so that I can make changes to the gameplay now before it is too late. Thanks for the heads up. Ill add directions into the game now.

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