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Originally Posted by NivekNamttid View Post
The visuals in this game are amazing! It's probably the best that I've seen in Alice yet. I think that this game is going to be great! I have a few recomendations, though:

1: When I jump on the bridge, I get stuck in midair. I'm not sure what causes this.
2: It is rather annoying to be set back to the very beginning when you are killed by the bird. (A question: is that green circle above the bridge supposed to be a checkpoint of sorts?)
3: I could not kill the bird or get past it.
4: I think you should add a little more scenery after the bridge, I wasn't sure at first if I was supposed to keep going or not.
All in all though, I think that the game is going to be very good. I think a backstory would be great to add on to explain why it looks like the ball thing was shipwrecked on a island.
Hey thanks man, I have already had some complaints about the bridge. I think I have the problem fixed now (Hopefully). Yes, I am also hoping to add "Life packs" so you don't die on the first hit. I have been adding more scenery after the bridge believe it or not. =)
Oh and the green circle is a emerald, you will use it later on to buy weapons. About the back story, yes I already made a movie scene before this level, It just hasn't been released yet. But it will explain how he gets there. Well, perhaps it wont reveal exactly how he got there on that movie scene, but it will show allot leading up to that point. How he actually ended up on the beach will be reviled in a later movie scene.
Thanks for the feed back everyone, sorry I can't reply to everyone. I am very busy in my life at the moment. Thanks for being patient. =)

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