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Originally Posted by chickentree View Post
Three quick points:
  1. The problem you were having was not you, It was Alice. I am not exactly sure what you were trying to do but Alice should not save a movie and then refuse to open it. I point this out because this type of problem is frustrating and NOT YOUR FAULT.
  2. The best way to get an object back to a specific location is to place a dummy object at the location and then move the original object to the dummy to reset its position.
  3. In this type of environment you must be very careful using '='. If the two values are not exactly the same your = will return false. =<, => or within x of object are much better choices in an interactive environment.
I usually name the dummy objects as if you use more than one or two things start to get confusing.
Thank you for this chickentree, I appreciate the encouragement. It was indeed in the way I was re-positioning the object and when I deleted that the issue went away - lol of course by then I had recreated the world at least 12 times and was ready to lose it.

Dummy's are great, and was what I used in the end. Thanks for helping our class in these forums. It makes a huge difference.
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