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So what you're saying is that I need to import the model in format .3ds, change it's names with Blender or some other editor, then convert it to one of the formats that Alice accepts?
Basically yes - though the only format Alice will accept and import in a hierarchial manner is .ase. (All .asc models just go in at the world level.)

As noted in the previous post, I find Anim8or to be the easiest program to use for editing - the Blender interface is a bit difficult, though the program is quite powerful. Actually unless you want to edit the model, you can just go straight to Biturn with either a .3ds or .obj model - or several other formats - and just convert straight to .ase format. (That's what I did with the Halo model I posted earlier today.) You will have to import your textures separately.

Lots more detail possible here - but my basic recommendation is that you search the forum - especially the Share Objects section - using key words for items that you are particularly interested in.
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