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Exclamation 12-19-2008, 11:42 AM

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Dr. Jim, DickBaldwin, and anyone else, can you help me out here? i posetd this already but you didn't see it, so I'm hoping this one works better.

I'm in the process of learning how to convert 3d models into formats Alice accepts. I know that it's inefficient and buggy and it might work better in software other than Alice, but I kinda want to stick with Alice, cause its easy, familiar, and a lot of my current projects are in Alice. So, in your opinions, what are the best:

3d modelers? (best free one and best for sale one)

model conversion processes? (please be as clear and distinct as possible)

model sizes? (what's too much for Alice to handle?)

model download sites? (if there are any with models that are already in Alice-friendly formats, list those as well. Again, give the best free site and the best for sale site).

You guys are the best. I'm counting on you.
The most i know of is 3D Studio Max (There should be some old threads in the share model section of these forums). Biturn is a conversion program with various amounts of sucsess, but 3D models arent as they should be most of the time. Alice can accept .a2c format objects

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