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Hello i am trying to make a program to explain all the functions of c++ and i have made a starting but something is wrong with it can you help explain what?

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main()
int userinp;

cout<< "This program was made by Belso. And the knowledge is from Legolizard."

cout<<"Hello we are about to learn about the functions" end1;
cout<< " of c++ take a seat and enjoy the ride" end1;
cout<< " Next to each word if there is a letter" end1;
cout<< "Then that is the letter you have to hit to learn about it" end1;
cout<< "cout(a)"end1;
cout<< "cin(b)" end1;
cout<< "int(c)" end1;
cout<< "cin.get() (d)" end1;
for some reason it wont compile maybe i am missing something thank you for looking at it

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