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Very good state of mind. cin.get(); also comes from the standard namspace within the iostream header file. It is derived from the normal cin>>.

What it does is wait for the user to enter something it then treats it as a char meaining you could type "Blalalalaalalalalala" and then cin.get() would only recieve 'B' where as cin>> whould take the entire string. When you press enter cin.get() takes in whatever you typed in executes and then the main() goes to to the last line return 0; thereby terminating the program. cin.get() can also be used for user input because of this and is not just for pausing. You could use it like this for example:

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main()
    char myChar;
    system("PAUSE");//I used system("PAUSE"); to make it less confusing.
return 0; 


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