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Originally Posted by x2495iiii View Post
Let's see...could you give me a detailed description of the games, like what they have now, what you'd like them to have when completed, etc.

Also, would you like me to make object classes or just take the whole program and edit it directly?

CSS - Adventure/action

What it is - it's a "side scroller", and the art style is "Cell-shading."

What it is about - It's about going around to different places, collecting new powers/weapons. There are at least 5 powers I have thought of, and 10 weapons.

Story - I will discuss that with you "Privately"

How far have I gotten - so far I am almost done with "part 3" There will be 10 parts at the least.

Field of wonder - Adventure

What it is - It's a "Full 3D, first person" game.

What it is about - It's about going into these portals and going into different levels, and solving puzzles.

Story - You get sucked into a portal and get transported to a field (You don't know where) you are trying to get back to reality. In order to do that, you need to complete and open all 5 portals.

How far have I gotten - I am working on the 1st level, there will be 5 levels.

Case 1.01 - Escape the room/strategy

What it is - It's a "2D, Click to move" game

What it is about - You are trying to solve a case "of Theft" and you need to find the things that can prove that he did it. You need to do this before he comes into the room and catches you.

Story - You have been assigned to solve a case of someone stealing a priceless artifact, and yo need to prove he did it.

How far I have gotten - I am 25% done.

Into the Black and White - Shooter/Adventure

What it is - It's a "3D, FPS" and the whole game is in Black and White.

What it's about - Find guns, Defeat the "bosses" minions, then find the "boss" and defeat him.

Story - You come across a town on your travels, when somebody tries to kill you out of nowhere. You find out it is a old enemy from when you where in College, he blames you for everything that has gone wrong in his life. He keeps you in this town (there is no escape) You must defeat him before he kills you.

How far I have gotten - I have made 10% of this game.

C.R.E.S - Adventure/Action

What it is - It's a "second person, 3D" game.

What it is about - The robot (C.R.E.S) has several weapons he can use on his journey, like the lazier he can shoot, and the electric punch. He will go into 5 levels "Lava, Ice, Metal, Earth, and the last level Air."

Story - I will discuss with you privately.

How far I have gotten - I am working on the Lava level.

Below there are some pictures of the games...
In this order...

Field of Wonder,
Into the Black and White,
Case 1.01
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Special thanks to the people who are supporting me...
Drjim, rich0e0rick, Chris101b, ZED, jediaction, x2495iiii, ("Robby"), gabe, JustasM, and Shadow Sovereign.


CSS - a sidescroler/adventure game.
CASE 1.01 - a escape the room/adventure game.
In the Black and White - a shooter/adventure game.
Field Of Wonder - a adventure game
C.R.E.S - a action/adventure game.

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