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Originally Posted by Dj Tech42 View Post
That's OK.

I just have a question. Can I use multiple instances of the File IO Tool object in my world? If so, can one run methods at the same time another one is running methods?
That is actually a very interesting question. I understand that due to the limited access to scripting in Alice I have implemented a rather strange and also limited way of accessing those functions in the tool, so I can understand why you might want to do this.

Having two instances of the tool means having duplicate python functions. Whether these just override each other, as I would expect them to do, or whether in this environment they can run simultaneously under seperate scopes I am not sure of. The other major issue, which probably cancels out the last issue, is that the second tool would have a different object name, meaning its functions would access the variables of the first object, so in effect still only having one usable instance of the object.

So in summary Im not too sure, but I am expecting the answer to your question to, unfortunately , be no. The best way to find out is to test it for yourself (Im not at my computer, so I cant). The worst that could happen is you could get an error message and a duff file that you can easily delete.

What could you possibly be doing that requires dual simultaneous file access though? Can you not just do one file at a time?


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