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My first attempt at making an Alice movie
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Default My first attempt at making an Alice movie - 08-26-2007, 03:29 PM

Originally Posted by Victoria Webb View Post
A couple of weeks back I did a survey of possible screen recording programs. Hypercam was one of the many I looked at. However I settled on a different option as the one the Alice team would recommend.

Bulent's Screen Recorder has an unlimited trial period with a minor watermark. The program costs a mere $17.99 for those who want to pay for the full version. There is also a shareware version of it for those who ar
e willing to do a little bit of digging.
My thanks go out to Victoria Webb for publishing the information identifying and explaining how to Bulient's Screen Recorder.

I have found a great need for the ability to create movies of lab projects so that the students can view them on their own schedule. I have just completed my first attempt to do this. You can view the results at

The biggest problem that I encountered was synchronizing the playing of the world with the recording so as to avoid long awkward pauses at the beginning and the end of the movie. You must be quick with the mouse to accomplish that.

So, I went looking for some free software that can be used to trim the pauses from the beginning the end. I discovered that, although somewhat tedious, this can be done using Windows Movie Maker, which is in Accessories in WinXP.

I will probably use the combination of these two programs to produce movies showing the execution of all the lab projects for use in my Programming Fundamentals class this semester.

Dick Baldwin

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