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Originally Posted by jediaction View Post
I tried it.

First, how did you get the background, and The instructions arent that clear, the switch didnt really do anything and I dont know if objects are dangerous or not. I walked through the eyes but I cant tell if they are bad or good, the camera angle gets annoying to. The music is great, but the controls are funky. The background should change colors to. So overall..

1: Make instructions more clear
2: Make danger more obvious
3: Fix the camera angle
4: Make the movement a little less confusing
5: Make the background change colors

Hope this helps!
Cool, thanks for the feedback...

1: I used 3DS Max to make the background.

2: Well you need to stand on the switch and press the space-bar to activate it. (I guess I should have made that more clear)

3: The eyes don't hurt you, so there wasn't any danger to make obvious lol. Thats why I put "You can not get harmed unless you fall in the tutorial, this was intentional. In the a actual game the enemies will attack you." But yeah, after you flip the switch you get your weapon to destroy them (get them out of the way) and progress.

4: Yeah, Doom and I had trouble finding the perfect camera system for this game. We will have to make some tweaks.

5: Make the backgrounds change color is actually a great idea, I'll make that happen.

Helpful stuff, thanks Jedi.
I'll make some adjustments and re-release it with the game. If you have any other suggestions just let us know, we could use some fresh ideas.

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