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We've finished the Spanish version of the programming environment Alice (i18n-L10n process).

Now we are waiting to know if we can use the images of Alice to publish the guide in Spanish with them and we would like to know if you can autorize us to keep on using the Alice startimage but with the spanish title "Alicia".

This could be a great oportunity for teachers of differents countries because from now on Alice could be found on others languages.

Gabe, LanceA or x2495iiii please contact us about the images.

Firstly, apologies for the time its taken us to prepare the release of Rebeca, the internationalised and Spanish version of the original Alice
There have been many requests from people asking to try Rebeca out and we apologise for not having been able to reply to all of these email requests as we would have liked to.

Weve created a webpage through Google Code which gives instructions on how to use Rebeca, gives the opportunity to try it out and can also be used as an exchange of ideas by its future community. Were hoping the new webpage will open the doors to all who wish to take part in the project.

We can only thank all those who have shown interest in Rebeca & Alice and we hope that you will go on to enjoy using it as much as we have in making it.

Thank you for your time and attention,

Rebeca Team.
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