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We've finished the internationalization and localization process. We've translated tutorials, the interface, methods ("Move => Mover"), example-tutorial worlds, the programming language, etc. It's totally compatible with Alice 2.2 and at this moment we don´t have website, sorry.

It´s was our final degree proyect, and -at this moment- we aren't thinking about translate Alice 3.0. Sorry about that.

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Alice in Spanish is such a good news that I couldn't avoid a quick message to congratulate the team that made it.

Great job!!!!

And of course, there are many of current users in Latin America (like me) that would love to get it and try it.

What did you do? To what extent did you translate the program? Tutorials? Methods, properties, functions? "Moverse", "muévase" instead of "Move"? User interface? Is it fully compatible with the english version? Any web site to follow the project and get more information?

It is good also that you work with version 2.2, but what about version 3.0?

Best wishes!

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