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funny results in the 'field of wonder' (demo)
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Lightbulb funny results in the 'field of wonder' (demo) - 01-21-2009, 05:56 PM

Originally Posted by madden View Post
Actually, I entered it into the fair.
It was the computer part...
but I am sure there are some actual contests just for alice.
If you find one make sure to let me know! ^^

p.s oh, and good luck!!!

If you move towards a wall going forward, it automatically stops you... but if you just keep backing away from a wall you will eventually end up outside the wall (on the other side of the little courtyard)... and you can wander around looking at the grass bits and parts of the walls that are outside and see how the sky image wraps around... its actually kind of neat.. like an 'easter egg'.
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