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We are creating an educational package for Aboriginal youth. The idea being that we can create a culturally specific sound and image gallery and then teach the students to use Alice using objects from their heritage.

For now we definitely need a racoon, marten, otter and mink. Possibly a seagull as well but we can probably pull that off by modifying existing texture maps for any of the birds. I've tried creating some models in 3ds Max and for the most part can do alright with basic shaped objects. Have not been able to figure out how to create models that have a heirarchy and proper pivot points yet. I have found an otter model online, but like I said can not make it work in Alice yet. I can break it apart but the pieces don't move correctly(Probably a pivot point or attachment thing).

Our initial plan was to take existing Alice models and import their wireframes back into 3ds Max where we could modify them to suit. I think we could pull that off if we could recreate the .ase files. Unfortunately I don't think this is possible, from what I have played with and been told.

If you know of anyone who can create the models it would be much appreciated. I would be more then happy to help, if I could, as I would love to learn the correct process.

Thanks again...
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