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Introducing The New AODb Community Forums Page!
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Default Introducing The New AODb Community Forums Page! - 04-08-2011, 09:54 PM

As many of you know, just recently, Arty-FishL created a website named the AODb, or Alice Online Database. The whole concept of the website was for sharing Alice projects/models.

Although Arty's website is great, it was missing one thing. A community forum page! Because of this, I created one! The address for it is I am the administrator of the AODb Community Forums page, and I don't expect that there will be any conflicts with my administration setup. I have made an attempt to make the AODb Forums similar to the Alice Forums.

I am still working on getting a few key features on the AODb Forums set up, but I will let you know how things are going over time.

The idea of a forum page for the AODb was because I found that most of the threads regarding the AODb are in "The Lounge." I decided also that people who want to talk about JUST the AODb can go there instead of here.

For those of you on the Alice Forums that are thinking of joining, please use your same username, and your same avatar. This will help make identifying people easier. If anyone attempts to impersonate another user on the Alice Forums, and is caught, they will be banned.

I am requesting that Arty-FishL put a link to the AODb Community Forums on his website. This will make it easier for users of just the AODb (and not the Alice Forums) to find a link to it!

Once again, here is the access information.

Full URL:
Click here to view the welcome post!

Have fun!
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