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How do I have Alice Calculate a Math Problem
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Default How do I have Alice Calculate a Math Problem - 01-30-2010, 12:41 PM

I have already done the animation to this project. I need the work to ask how many miles it may be to a place. Then, what is the speed limit. These i guess would be two separate variables. Then the person in the program divides the speed limit by the miles and comes up with a time it will take to get to the place. They cant be fixed numbers because it has to work for any random numbers. So in order...

Miles are asked for input by the user
Speed Limit is asked for input by the user
car drives up
person turns to car, and then away
Person then answers equation which is basically speed limit divided by miles

Just having an issue getting division equation into this program.

I have attached my file & would appreciate any help. I'm really bad with variables. Thanks a lot.
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