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Originally Posted by SirThorfinn View Post
I havent been on in a wile but i was able to try your latest "Lag free" version but im sorry to say i still experience a good amount of lag, i was able to kill the 2 elites and get the "shoot the green penguin" achievement but i cant seem to go much farther without seeing like 1 frame every 5 seconds. I'm sure its just my computer or maybe i need to update Alice or something. From what i read it sounds great but i cant seem to enjoy it myself,

Im sorry. It worked for me which means something. My computer isnt the best either. I will keep updating it but It is better and the ending is there and finished and fixed. Doh! Does anyone have a really good computer that can play it and tell me that there was no lag. I will keep working on it. Sigh, here we go again, but I appreciate your testing

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