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Arrow 02-28-2010, 11:32 AM

Originally Posted by Dameria View Post
Ok it was fun at first but I literally had to shut this game down because of that horribly screeching noise that happens when you run over the person. I really hate that noise, its so weird and loud! If you could, please change that.

Also the camera angle is very misleading, you should have the camera right in the center of the track instead of over to the right a little bit. The camera also goes down sometimes, not letting you see what is ahead of you, I don't like that, it is fine to move the camera like you do, but don't move it directly behind the snowmobiler. I gave it a 4/5.
Right, well I will add some other camera angles because some other people I tested it on felt the camera was too far to the left, not the right, so I will try to accomodate for both.

The angle the fences are at makes it look slightly more to the right, but that makes no difference to the actual play area and boundaries, I will try and fix the fences

I know the sound is quite annoying, I will try to find a repacement, but its the calmest sound I've got in my screaming sounds pack. Its not half as bad as the sound when you crash your plane in the example flight simulator world.

The camera is that low to make it harder, but if you find it too hard I will include a higher camera in the other angles.

Thanks for the feedback


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