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Exclamation Just to say - 02-28-2010, 10:35 AM

Alice is annoying.

I made this world fine, I was saving it as multiple files, just in case Alice crashed while saving (so I would have slightly older files to go back to if the newest one wouldnt load, I do this because the automatic backup files it saves are saved at the worst places).

After it was almost fully complete (I never closed Alice once while making it up to that point) I saved it again. Alice had been saving and loading files fine.

Then I restarted Alice, tried to load the snowmobile reaction worlds. None of my files for it would load. Obviously something had been wrong with Alice while it had been open earlier.

It said there were several things called index in it and that wasn't allowed, there could only be one. This was the fault of Alice and not me.

I decided not to just give up.
  1. I opened a copy of the a2w file in winRAR
  2. I searched for the string index
  3. It came up with loads of files
  4. I guessed it had something to do with the child files, or whatever it said
  5. This narrowed it down to about 7 files, or something similar
  6. I located all the results
  7. I needed to change all the words that said index in the two element data xml files, then rename the folder, all to a different word to index, but the same word for the three files
  8. I had to give all the different results different names
  9. Then I saved it
  10. I opened it in Alice
  11. SUCCESS!!!!!!!!
This wouldn't have been neccessary if Alice had just worked

This is why the download file above has B on the end of it, it is the fixed file


I have mostly moved on from Alice, but may still respond to messages if important [-]
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