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snowmobile reaction
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Talking snowmobile reaction - 02-28-2010, 10:13 AM

Avoid the obstacles and survive for as long as possible on a high speed downhill snowmobile run.

  • Avoid eskimos
  • collect green point capsules
  • survive for as long as possible
  • Every 5 seconds you will recieve a point
  • Hitting a green point capsule gains you 5 points
  • If you don't hit another point capsule within 20 seconds of hitting the last one you will stop recieving points every 5 seconds until you do hit another point capsule
  • hitting an eskimo will lose you a life
  • you have 4 lives
  • after every 50 points the speed of everything will increase by half and you will recieve another life if you have less than four lives remaining, or 10 points if you still have 4 lives remaining

  • press left and right arrow keys to move left and right
  • you automatically move forward
  • press 1 to turn the music off (may increase the performance)
  • please note that SFX will still remain on
UPDATE (v1.1) :
  • Press 2 to change views, there are six views

UPDATE(v1.1): User settings

To make some custom settings load by default on world start:
  1. open the method entitled USER SETTINGS
  2. change the variables inside it to your custom
  3. The settings are: default start view, play music, play scream sound when hitting an eskimo
  4. save the world

The blue message in the middle of the screen ONLY appears with appropriate text (eg. level up), then expands and then disappears again when you get that achievement that it says, it is not constantly there obstructing your view. as in the screenshot below, that is just an example.

There is UNLIMITED PLAY as the ground moving is only a texture animation, but looks very real.

  • 6 views to choose from by pressing 2 to switch between them
  • Customise what loads on world start in the USER SETTINGS method
  • Better collision engine, now more accurate
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