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The next few parts tell the gun to move up and down and to the left and right as you walk. When you let go of the button, the gun will return to its normal shooting location. This makes it much more realistic than if your gun did not move at all while you were running. I hope that when I add the bullets, that this will make it so that you can't just run and gun through the game because if you run and shoot, your accuracy will be thrown off due to the gun movements.

Alright, the next 2 events listed below do this:

In the Begin section, the main "If Statement" says that if the space bar is pressed and the gun is out of ammo, then it reloads. The "If Statement" inside that one says when going into snipe mode, the gun cannot shoot. The one inside that one says that if the gun is in snipe mode when space is pressed, then the gun shoots a sniper shot. The "If Statement" inside that one says that while the gun is reloading, do nothing (As in the gun cannot shoot while it is reloading) and if it isnt reloading, shoot the regular burst shot.

The next Event basically tells the program that when the F button is pressed, the sniper mode variable changes allowing everything relating to the sniper to happen. Then when you let it go, it becomes false.
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